Artificial stone countertops for the bathroom

The choice of countertops in the bathroom is huge. The taste of any customer can be fully satisfied. The limitation is the budget and the size of the premises. The main thing is to navigate in abundance and make the right choice.

Rectangular gray stone countertop

The stone countertop looks stylish and solid in any interior of the bathroom

Stone Selection: Natural or Artificial

When arranging a bathroom, many people wonder what material to choose a countertop from. Stop your choice on natural or artificial stone? The market offers consumers a wide selection of natural materials and their substitutes. What are their differences?

Natural stone countertop mosaic sink

A natural stone countertop looks gorgeous, but it is very expensive, and is usually inferior in strength to artificial material

Advantages and disadvantages of artificial stone

Natural materials are practical, environmentally friendly and beautiful, but have a high cost, so their substitutes are in great demand. At an affordable cost, substitutes have good performance characteristics, which in some cases are not inferior to the properties of natural materials. Let us dwell on some of them:

  • increased strength;
  • moisture resistant;
  • immunity to aggressive environments;
  • long service life.
Rectangular countertop under the sink in the bathroom

A significant advantage of artificial stone countertops is its price, which is several times lower than that of natural material

It is impossible to break or break off the edge of the artificial material with careless handling. Although scratching, for example, an acrylic product is quite real.

Artificial stone is practically waterproof, which is especially true for bathrooms. And some natural materials, having a porous structure, are able to accumulate moisture.

Countertop in the bathroom with two sinks

A wide range of artificial countertops allows you to easily choose a model for any style of interior

The long service life during which the material retains its original properties fully justifies its cost.

Acrylic stone bathtops

Everyone wants to have a beautiful bathroom. This place is intended for privacy. Here we can relax, forget about the problems and worries. An artificial stone countertop in the bathroom is the best solution. The material has a beautiful appearance and excellent performance characteristics, thanks to which it is a leader in the construction market.

Arc-shaped worktop under the sink

Acrylic countertops are easy to process, they can be given a variety of shapes

What is acrylic, its features

Acrylic is an artificial material. It is very popular with consumers due to its special qualities.

White washbasin on an acrylic countertop

Stylish duo of sinks and countertops made of acrylic stone

The basis of the material is acrylic resin. It also includes mineral fillers and coloring pigments. Acrylic has complete environmental safety. The material was first manufactured in 1960.

Dark acrylic countertop in a spacious bathroom

Acrylic countertops are very light, so they do not need a strong base, unlike similar products from natural stone, for which a massive pedestal is needed

Acrylic stone is used to cover any surfaces. It resembles natural products in quality. It has a uniform texture and medium density, which simplifies its processing. It can be used for the manufacture of structures having an unusual shape. Acrylic has a special structure that allows it to be resistant to moisture.

Acrylic can withstand frequent changes in temperature. It is not susceptible to aggressive environments, does not change the structure under their influence.

Along with many advantages, the material still has some disadvantages. It has a low hardness, which leads to the formation of scratches and abrasions on its surface. But still, the main disadvantage of acrylic is its considerable cost. Given the fact that acrylic products are durable when used properly, its cost is fully justified by quality.

Shelf under the sink made of artificial stone

Acrylic stone externally is not inferior to natural, but has a wider range of shades

Advantages of Acrylic Stone Bathroom Countertops

Acrylic is indispensable in the manufacture of bathroom countertops. The stone worktop in the acrylic bathtub looks interesting, fits into any style. The surface equipped with it will have a reliable coating for many years. Thanks to acrylic stone you can get:

  • cast coating without seams and joints, smoothly passing into the sink or bathroom;
  • the product is pleasant to the touch, which is very important for the bathroom;
  • a bathroom without mold and various types of fungus;
  • a room without old odors;
  • countertop does not require special care;
  • countertop with a non-burnable top layer;
  • coating with a uniform texture, which significantly increases the sanitary capabilities of the surface.

It is enough to wipe the acrylic coating with a soft sponge with soap, and it will take a presentable appearance. Do not use expensive cleaning products, this is not necessary.

Original shaped acrylic countertop

The unique properties of acrylic material allow you to create a variety of forms of both countertops and wash basins in general

Inaccurate operation, minor scratches can occur on the surface of the coating, since the material has an average density. This disadvantage can be easily smoothed out by polishing. If there is no possibility of extra spending, you do not need to stop the choice on a monophonic coating. It is better to purchase a coating with a neutral pattern. On it, small scratches will be practically invisible.

If necessary, acrylic surfaces are easily restored, repairable. Scratches are easy to polish. After polishing, a pristine surface is obtained.

DIY acrylic worktop polishing

Small defects on the acrylic surface can be easily removed by polishing with a special tool.

Due to the average density of acrylic, the coatings created from it are lightweight. When installing them, you do not need to use additional supports. This reduces the cost of installing acrylic coatings.

Artificial stone countertop color palette

The market offers an amazing array of colors. Their variety will satisfy the most demanding customer. By choosing the right shade or combining several colors, you can achieve an amazing result, emphasize the individuality of the room.

Granite countertops in a modern style bathroom

Artificial granite countertop on a pedestal in retro style

Bold design decisions

The palette of acrylic products will help to realize the most daring decisions. The palette provides unlimited possibilities in design and decoration.

Furniture with acrylic countertops in the bathroom

Cabinet in contrasting colors with an acrylic countertop under the washbasin

To get interesting solutions, acrylic is combined with wood, ceramics, steel. Combining the opposite components, it is possible to create interesting decor elements.

Contemporary style washbasin

Original design pendant worktops adorn the interior

Designer countertop in the bathroom

Such a washbasin made of acrylic stone will be the highlight of the bathroom interior

Artificial stone countertop with handrail

Acrylic worktop with comfortable towel rail

What color scheme to choose

The color for the bathroom is selected individually. He can relax or invigorate. The choice of color depends on the desired effect.

Minimalist white acrylic countertop

Plain acrylic stone countertop - the perfect solution for a minimalist bathroom

Color not only changes the mood of a person, he is able to visually resize the room. Usually a bathroom has a relatively small size. Color should not diminish it.

  • Red - brings energy. Promotes human activity. Suitable for rooms of any size.

    White sink in red countertop

    The red countertop looks great paired with a white pedestal

  • Orange - fills the atmosphere with happiness. Able to relax not only the body, but also the soul.

    Orange tile above the countertop in the bathroom

    Bright orange artificial stone countertop

  • Green - fills with energy. Brings a sense of stability.

    Green countertop in the bathroom with two washbasins

    A stylish combination of green countertops and white sinks

  • Blue - calms the mind. Promotes complete relaxation.

    Acrylic blue countertop in the bathroom with window

    Blue counter top in a Mediterranean style bathroom

Countertop made of artificial stone under the sink in the bathroom: features of the decor of the bathroom

The day begins and ends with a visit to the bathroom. It should be comfortable, beautiful and practical. Designers are ready to offer many interesting solutions. White classic sinks are a thing of the past. Looks interesting sinks and bathtubs made of glass or stone. Color and shape vary according to individual wishes.

Low sink above the washing machine

Rational placement of countertops above the washing machine in a small bathroom

We change the design of the bathroom with the help of countertops made of artificial stone

If you are tired of the old countertop, you can always replace it. The new model is able to completely change the bathroom. To make the room more spacious and lighter, you can change the color and shape of the countertop. The tabletop for the bathroom made of artificial stone will bring a grand appearance to the room. Installation of acrylic products can be done with your own hands. The material is easy to process.

Stainless steel handrails on the stone countertop in the bathroom

When choosing a countertop, you must consider the model of the sink

Monolithic countertop with sink in the bathroom

A practical version of the countertop combined with a sink

The worktop made of artificial stone, smoothly passing into the bathroom and connected to the sink, will help to conveniently place washing equipment and cabinets for things.

Artificial Stone Countertop Shape Selection

The form of the coating should bring the comfort derived from its operation into the room. For small rooms, coatings with smooth corners are suitable. Products without sharp corners fill the room with sophistication and safety.

Built-in sink in acrylic countertops

When ordering countertops for specific dimensions, they select the shade and texture of the surface so that the product fits harmoniously into the interior of the bathroom

The rectangular shape is a classic. A model of this shape is suitable for any room. The triangular shape is unusual and attractive.

White sink in beige countertop

Compact corner worktop in a small bathroom

Artificial stone coating is the best choice for your bath. It is economical, practical and easy to use.

Video: Acrylic Countertop Selection Criteria

Photo of artificial stone countertops

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