Modern design in bathrooms 3 sq m without toilet

A bathroom of 3 sq m should be properly equipped taking into account the stylistic features of the entire apartment. A small room should be such that all the bathroom attributes for comfortable use.

Hidden bathroom mirror 3 sq. Meters

Arranging a small bathroom is a rather difficult task, but far from a sentence

In this article we will offer you several design options, taking into account the specifics of a small room.

Bathroom design with washing machine and shower

To ensure that the bathroom does not lose its intended purpose, it is necessary to install a bath. But the dimensions of such a design can occupy the entire space and it will be impossible to place anything else. Equally comfortable will be the installation of a shower.

Rain shower in a small bathroom without toilet

Small bathroom with loft shower

The current assortment of construction stores offers a wide selection of showers. They differ in shapes, sizes, design and functional filling. The classic classification of such equipment is as follows:

  • Open. This is a prefabricated model, which is installed using the built-in pallet to the floor. A sewer is attached to it to drain water. Side walls are attached to the base of such a pallet. They are attached on both sides. Other exposed areas are tiled. The key difference is the open top. Therefore, you have to use a classic shower rail.

    Rectangular bathroom sink without toilet

    Open type shower - in fact, it's just a shower, only with a tray

  • Closed. Such a cabin is a separate plumbing unit. It consists of a pallet, walls and ceiling. Such a small box includes several functions. Dismantling is much easier than open type. Polymer compounds and metal are the main materials of this shower. There are practically no shortcomings, except for a significantly high price.

    Compact shower cubicle in the bathroom with a washing machine

    In the enclosed shower, there may even be a sauna function

  • Combined. It features a deep pan. Often made from acrylic, cast iron or steel. It is covered by panels on the sides, and the upper part can be either open or closed. It depends on the manufacturer and the features of the model. It combines a shower with a bathtub, but the overall structure should be installed in the bathroom of 3 sq m.

    Corner shower cubicle in a bathroom of 3 sq m

    Angular shower combination

In addition to types, there are many differences in the styles, sizes and materials of the product. Such parameters should be considered when choosing. At the same time, it is worth focusing on the design features of your room.

A small bathtub can also accommodate a washing machine. The main thing is to correctly mount such an "assistant" so that it is convenient to use the unit and save space.

Place for a washing machine under the countertop in the bathroom

A washing machine mounted under the countertop fits perfectly into the modern bathroom interior

There are several options for installing the washing machine in a small room:

  • Embedding in the wall. This method is great for saving space. The equipment is built into the wall, the side with the buttons and the drum out.The only drawback of this installation method is the need to equip a niche for equipment and prepare pipes for the intake, drainage of water from the washing machine.
  • Installation in a standard way. The unit will take up more space, but the installation will be much simpler and faster. The washing machine will stand on its own on the floor, without additional supports and wall mounting.
  • Mounting on an additional shelf. There will be no more space, but under the washing machine itself you can equip lockers. Or just use the free space to place the necessary things in the bathroom.
Laid-on sink on a washing machine

Symbiosis of a sink with a washing machine - a great solution for a small bathroom

Washing machines can be installed not only in the bathrooms. Many companies provide services for the production of cabinet furniture in the kitchen, which provides a separate niche for this unit. So you can solve the issue of space in a small bathroom.

How to visually make the space wider?

In addition to real solutions to the issue of a small room, you can do it visually. There are many ways professional designers share. In the case of the bathroom, you can apply such tricks when arranging a small room:

  • Light colors are a great solution. Pastel and cold shades visually expand the room. They make it “airy” and “soft”, which additionally plays the role of comfort. It also soothes after a hard day's work.

    Bright bathroom with bright lighting

    Decorating a bathroom in light colors will require fewer lighting fixtures and save energy costs.

  • The tone of the furniture. The bathroom should have different ottomans, decor items and other small attributes. They allow you to store the necessary things. They are better to choose in bright colors. This emphasizes the overall concept of the bathtub and visually expands the space.
  • Hidden pendants. In the bathroom of 3 sq m it is not necessary to hang dimensional chandeliers or lamps. Designers, guided by experience, offer installation of concealed fixtures. They are installed in the ceiling or walls, thereby not occupying the "air" in space.
  • Mirrors are the salvation for a small room. It will not work to hang many mirrors in the bathroom, but you can beat such elements of the wall. For color, you can prepare small glass decorations that will enlarge the bathroom.
  • Should be fine. Any tubes, boxes and towels should be folded. As an option - the preparation of designer niches for storage. They allow you to remove important items from the review.
  • Do not leave corners empty. You can always put corner furniture there. It is perfect in the interior and can save space for storing personal items.

    Corner shelf in the bathroom with painted walls

    Manufacturers produce a huge number of shelves for the bathroom, from inexpensive plastic to almost eternal stainless steel

What colors to choose for the design of a small room?

Visually adjust the proportions of any room will help the color. Expansion, contraction, increase or decrease in height - all this is decided by the correct selection of shades and patterns. Smooth tones objectively fit a small bathroom so that the surface does not have bends or indentations.

Blue wall in a small bathroom

Using a bright wall, you can highlight a functional area

The uniformity of the surface will not visually make the room smaller, which is important in small rooms. In addition to color, it is worthwhile to take time to reflect the surface features. The glossy option is the best solution. It provides a reflection that allows the room to look larger. This must be provided not only to the walls, but also to the floor.

Red pedestal under the sink in the bathroom of 3 sq m

Red, black and white color combination - stylish solutions for a modern interior

Construction markets offer a large number of different materials. Including tiles, which is perfect for rooms with high humidity.

It is not recommended to use bricks, stones, concrete and wood as a material for walls. They do not have a reflective effect and are not practical for the bathroom.

Interior styles

A large number of styles and their choice depends on their own preferences. Consider the current options for the design of a bathroom of 3 sq m without a toilet:

  • Classical. Solidity is the key difference between this style. At the time of the birth of the classics there was no choice of building materials. Therefore, the use of plastic panels and LED lamps is excluded. Natural materials are suitable here. It looks elegant stone (both decorative and natural), as well as porcelain with painting.

    3 square oval bathroom mirror

    Classic never goes out of style, but is quite expensive

  • Modern. One of the most common styles for bathrooms. Modern building materials are used: recessed lamps, designer tiles, subject interior. There are two directions in Art Nouveau. The first is fusion, which combines objects from different styles. And the second is minimalism, which provides for the absence of catchy ornaments and decorative elements.

    Round mirror in a compact modern style bathtub

    Minimalist Art Nouveau bathroom

  • Ethnic. The name comes from the word "nationality." Therefore, this style has its own unique features. It can be Japanese signs, African, Scandinavian and even oriental. You can give preference to any option, and all of them will harmoniously complement the design of a bathroom of 3 sq m (photo without a toilet).

    Stool-mounted washbasin

    There are so many ethnic styles. Why not realize your vision of a “folk” interior?

  • Country. It means the word "village" and is equipped with the most common building materials - this is wood and natural stone. In combination, they create a special flavor to the room, which is suitable for small rooms. The main rule for country style is the use of natural textiles, wicker decorative elements and floral ornaments.

    Stand made of wooden blocks under the sink in the bathroom

    An example of the ideal embodiment of a rustic interior

  • Provence. Another equally popular style that is intertwined with the key features of country. Provence is associated with designers with France and its ancient flavor. Here, more than ever, pastel and light colors that visually increase the room are relevant.

    Provence style small bathroom interior

    Tenderness and comfort are the main differences between Provence and country.

  • High tech. A contemporary style that is accompanied by an association with an active lifestyle. It provides the maximum functionality of any room and manufacturability. High-tech furniture uses chrome shelves and cabinets with mirrors.

    Small high-tech bathroom

    Correct geometry, clear lines and a minimum of decor are characteristic features of a high-tech interior

After choosing a style, review the rules for choosing a hue again. This will help get rid of the problem of a small room.

Finishing and materials for walls, floor and ceiling

The bathroom has an increased level of moisture, which requires the right choice of material. Regardless of style, it is worth taking time for such materials for walls, floors and ceilings:

  • Tile. There is a large selection of different colors and patterns. If you wish, you can find different textures and even order designer options. For more “extreme” designs, you can use mosaic tiles. This addition fits perfectly, as in the classic style, is suitable for ethnic design.
  • Tree. No wonder all baths are made of wood. It is particularly resistant to high temperatures. The only drawback is the poor combination for small rooms. The overall texture can reduce the bathroom.
  • A rock. It stands out for its elegant appearance, moisture resistance, strength and durability. It can be granite, marble and even onyx. Making such a bath will be much more expensive.
  • PVC panels. A wide selection will allow you to choose any visual option. The key advantage is the affordable price.The panels combine perfectly with other materials and are combined with masonry, mosaics and bricks.

    Tile on the wall of the bathroom in modern style

    When choosing bathroom decoration materials, the budget is crucial

How to choose plumbing for a small bathroom?

  • Shower stall. It should be open type, which takes up much less space. Cast iron or steel models cannot be installed in a small bathroom. The ideal option would be a glass shower made in a minimalist style. It is suitable for any interior, will harmoniously complement the room, while maintaining a lot of free space.

    Deep tray in a half-open shower

    For families with small children, it is better to choose a shower cabin with a deep tray

  • Sink and toilet bowl. These bathroom attributes should be small in size. In the case of the toilet, it is worth installing a flush tank in the wall, leaving only the buttons for controlling the water flow. Sinks choose medium sizes that are built into shelves. This will create additional space for things and eliminate the problem of lack of space.

    Compact washbasin in the bathroom without toilet

    In a small room, the sink should be compact

  • Bath. If you decide to install a bath, then the choice in the store should stop only on miniature models. Install the overall Jacuzzi does not work. Such baths will not be convenient for a set of water and long rest. They are used exclusively for taking a shower. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for showers.

    Acrylic bathtub of angular configuration

    A compact corner bath is the best solution for a small room.

Three square meter bathroom furniture

A small cabinet for injuring toiletries

For small spaces, it’s best to have a minimum of things on open surfaces.

Lockers and shelves

Such furniture should be of two options:

  • small, which is not very convenient for storage;
  • built into the walls, making the design unusual;
  • combined with a sink, toilet or shower.
Convenient cabinet with shelves in the door

It is necessary to foresee the placement of jars, bottles and other accessories

What to do with accessories?

For a small bathroom, you should take the time to find the right accessories. Practice installing mirrors on the walls to visually expand. And in order to save space, other accessories are hung on the ceilings or attached to furniture so that they do not clutter up the space.

Rectangular mirror above the hanging sink

A large mirror will make the room brighter and visually expand the space

Necessary lighting and decor

Lamps are best installed in the ceiling. The markets have a wide selection of small shades that illuminate the space well. Bathroom 3 sq m design as in the photo will look great with small but bright bulbs.

Recessed fixtures on the bathroom ceiling

Lamps should be enough for comfortable lighting of the bathroom

And as a decor, fragile flowerpots with flowers, mirrors on the walls, rugs and natural textiles are actively used.

Video: 3 sqm bathroom design m

Photo: Examples of arranging a small bathroom without a toilet

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