Modern bathroom design ideas

Despite the fact that the bathroom is most often the smallest room, it performs important functions, which is why it is considered indispensable. A stylish bathroom can be arranged in a room with any size. Today there are many ideas for the repair of small rooms.

bathroom 2019

The bathroom is almost the most important room in the room.

Contemporary Bathroom Design 2019

The modern bathroom 2019 is not a boring place with white fixtures and rectangular tiles, it is a fashionable space in an urban, eco or other modern style.

bathroom 2019 eco style

We spend a small part of our time in it, but without this room we cannot imagine a comfortable existence.

Design trends for 2019:

  • many glass elements;
  • mirrors;
  • plumbing of unusual shapes, colors and materials;
  • colors in shades of metal;
  • glass partitions;
  • massive interior decorations (sculptures, fountains).

A modern bathroom should not look cute and cozy, it should look urban, bold, futuristic and modern.

Design options for a small bathroom with a toilet

The stylish design of the bathroom 2019 is possible on a combined and separate layout.

Combined bathrooms today are much more common than separate bathrooms. In a large area, creating a fashionable design is simple, but at 2 square meters it can be difficult to realize what was intended. For the design of a small room, it is recommended to use a shower instead of a bath, as the vertical design saves space.

bathroom 2019 photo

Color combinations have a significant effect on a person’s mood.

Choose trendy glossy tiles to expand your space visually. The shower cabin should be completely transparent, which today is considered ultra relevant. Walls, floor and ceiling can be of the same color, for example, made in a completely white tile or mosaic.

Important! Use each corner of the room rationally to accommodate a maximum of useful things without the effect of congestion.

bathroom 2019 ideas

The design should match your taste preferences, so take the aspect of choice seriously.

What color to choose for bathroom design in 2019

Fashionable bathroom photo 2019 modern ideas relate not only to the choice of color, but also to the textures.

Today, gloss, mosaic, glitter of metal surfaces, wood are in fashion. The color scheme is preferably monochrome, without contrasting solutions, made in shades of one tone.

bathroom 2019 ideas pics

In 2019, adjacent types of bathrooms are widely practiced.

The most relevant colors for decoration:

  • snow-white;
  • the black;
  • brown;
  • bronze color;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • ivory;
  • blue.

Contrasts are not welcome, black-and-white scale is considered especially outdated.

What style to choose for bathroom design in 2019

The choice of colors depends on the style of the interior. This year, designers are unanimous and present the top five styles that allow you to design a bathroom beautifully and modernly.

  1. Loft - with metal textures, glass and mirrors.
  2. Eco - with wood, green plants and bronze plumbing.
  3. Scandinavian - in snow-white colors diluted with glass.
  4. Tropical - with wicker elements and ethnic accessories.
  5. Japanese - with a traditional bathroom and an unusual layout for our latitudes.

Important! Choose a style depending on the size of the room, because not every square footage will bring to life the bold ideas of a loft or tropical style.

Modern bathroom design 2019

In the design of the bathroom in the photo 2019 embodied modern ideas that are easy to repeat at home.

Laminate on the wall in the interior

An unexpected solution for using a laminate is to place it on a wall. This is how you can get the most accurate imitation of the texture of the tree. With a laminate, you can decorate all the walls and even the ceiling or create an accent by applying material on one of the walls, and the rest sewn into plastic.

2019 bathroom laminate on the wall

In bathrooms, natural wood or its high-quality imitation is increasingly used for decoration.

Having decorated the walls under a tree, you will get a stylish bathroom design in the loft or eco style.

Tree in the interior

Laminate flooring is considered a budgetary replacement for wood panels for interior decoration in an apartment. To make the design look more expensive and elegant, use natural wood panels to sheathe the walls in the bathroom. As in the case of a laminate, you can use the finish on only one wall or apply it to all, including the floor and ceiling.

Bathroom 2019 wood in the interior

There should be harmony in everything, both with your inner world, and with materials and selected colors.

Cabinets made of wood, trim mirrors, windows, doors can support the wooden texture. The tree goes well with white ceramics and green plants, and this mix is ​​ideal for the eco style.

Concrete in decoration

The walls, ceiling and even the floor with the texture of concrete look exclusive, stylish and trendy. Light gray, “asphalt” color with a slight sheen or, conversely, a matte texture looks organically in loft-style interiors.

2019 concrete bathroom

Choose what you like and add trendy accents.

This finish can be combined with colored blots, wood and white plumbing. To create a trendy loft-style bathroom, combine concrete with metal fixtures, mirrors and glass.

Bathroom decorated with plants

Decor by plants is popular in eco-style, as well as in Scandinavian and other modern trends. Greens will not combine well with loft textures - concrete, metal, plastic, but living plants combine perfectly with wood, white ceramics, brown shades.

2019 bathroom with plants

The accents in the form of plants can radically change the atmosphere of the room.

What tile is fashionable in 2019

Tiles imitating various textures are in fashion: stone, concrete, metal, wood, mirror. Embossed products with convex patterns are also in trend. The bathroom features a trendy tile 2019 for a small bathtub, which is distinguished by a glossy texture and the absence of contrasting patterns. Also in fashion is bathroom tile 2019, similar to a mosaic, which can be monochrome, monochrome or multi-colored.

2019 mosaic bathroom

Mosaic tiles will never go out of style and will be used for bathrooms for a long time.

Stone for decoration - natural and artificial

For an elite, luxurious design, only natural stone is suitable, but in the budget design, artificial replacement has been successfully used. Modern technology allows you to create high-quality imitation due to which the interior looks expensive and beautiful.

stone bath finish

Natural materials are at the peak of popularity.

Important! Today there is a tile with imitation of various textures of a stone. She looks great on the walls, ceiling and floor.

What plumbing should be in the new season

In the trend are corner baths, wall-mounted toilets and sinks, as well as the texture of metal and stone.

What shells will be fashionable in 2019

The most relevant sinks will be hanging models, as well as fixed to wooden or stone countertops. Models that are installed on the floor are completely out of fashion. The trend is metal and stone textures, as well as white ceramics.

sink on wooden countertop

Often this design is selected for a minimalist style.

Transparent shower or partition instead of curtains

Shower curtains are no longer relevant, now instead of them choose opaque or transparent glass partitions. Showers should look completely transparent, preferably geometric, concise shape instead of rounded lines.

transparent shower

The design of the room depends on your desires and capabilities.

Why you should choose a hinged plumbing

Hinged plumbing is definitely a trend, in addition, such models are more functional in everyday life, and they also look stylish and modern.

hinged plumbing in the bathroom

Bathroom dimensions 2019 - achieving perfect harmony.

Furniture and materials for bathroom decoration 2019

Choose furniture with a sleek design, streamlined shapes and pure, natural colors: brown, black, white, gray.

Hinged furniture - trend of 2019

Hinged countertops, drawers, cabinets - all this is in the trend of 2019. In fashion, a laconic, minimalistic bathroom with a light, weightless, futuristic design and hanging furniture fits perfectly into the trend.

hinged furniture in the bathroom

Brands offer to pay attention to the hanging models of cabinets and cabinets.

What accessories will be relevant in the design of the apartment in 2019

Depending on the style of design, choose accessories and decor. Massive statuettes, which are used in tropical and ethnic style, are in fashion today. For modern design, you should choose functional accessories: laundry baskets, fresh flowers, large candles.

bathroom decor candles

When designing the bathroom design 2019, you can safely experiment and create something new and unique.

Stylish bathroom, decorated in accordance with modern trends, will become a favorite room in the apartment. Get inspired by trendy ideas to come up with a beautiful and functional design.

VIDEO: Actual design of the bathroom in 2019.

50 original bathroom design options:

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