Is it possible to hang a sink over the bathroom - how it looks in the interior

Furnishing your home comfortably and beautifully is extremely important, and making the bathroom stylish and practical is one of the biggest worries. This is not a place where fantasies are often given free rein, but in vain. Knowing where to start, even a washbasin above the bathtub can be decorated unusually.


It is imperative that every detail, every piece of bathroom interior is comfortable, practical and aesthetically beautiful.

Types of sinks in the bathroom

One of the key points when choosing a sink is the installation method, its technology and simplicity. It distinguishes several types of shells:

  1. Hanging. Fastens directly to the wall using brackets or wall plugs. Sometimes it is hung together with a pedestal that provides additional insurance, hides the pipes of communications and is a place for storage. At the same time, such washbasins are quite difficult to install. For them, only a solid solid wall is suitable.
  2. "Tulip". The name is associated with the appearance: a bowl attached to the wall, supported by a pedestal. It is small in size and fastens simply and securely.
  3. Waybill. It is a bowl superimposed on a curbstone or countertop. Sinks of this type are often used in public places, but recently they have begun to come into use in apartments. They have not only a beautiful and elegant appearance, but also convenience: they are easily installed on the base of any size.
  4. Recessed. A convenient option to use, fits well in bathrooms of different styles and sizes. There are several types:
  • with sides above the surface of the countertop, which is easiest to install;
  • with a bowl under the countertop, the installation of which requires certain skills;
  • semi-integrated version with a partially protruding bowl.

At the same time, built-in washbasins require multifunctional use of countertops.

  1. With a pedestal. They are aimed at the optimal use of space by placing storage space in the cabinet or a washing machine.
  2. "Water lily". It was invented for use on a washing machine. It has a flat bottom and horizontal drain. Allows you to greatly save space. The disadvantages include often a clogging of the siphon, as well as a high probability of gulf equipment.
  3. Corner The most ergonomic option, for installation of which any angle in the bathroom is suitable. It happens hanging, built-in and on a pedestal.
  4. Over the bathtub. A very convenient option for small rooms, which can significantly save space.

How to choose a sink over the bathtub

When choosing, it is worth considering the area of ​​the bathroom and pre-select a specific place for the sink. Its appearance should be in harmony with the rest of the plumbing. In this case, it is not necessary to dwell on the classic white color, you can pick up something more original. The same applies to the form, although it is more dependent on the layout of the room. For a better understanding, it is worth looking at how the sink above the bathroom looks in the photo.

sink over the bathroom in Khrushchev

The sink should look organically against the background of the design of the bathroom, and not contradict the chosen style.

Note! A reliable washbasin model must contain an overflow hole.

Advantages and disadvantages of the location of the sink above the bath

The advantages of such a sink include:

  • the release of significant space;
  • ease of installation;
  • maximum use of available space.

The disadvantages are the following:

  • unusualness and possible inconvenience of operation due to the small size;
  • frequent splashing of water.
corner sink above the bath

The sink should be safe, especially if the house has small children.

In fact, these shortcomings cannot be considered a serious obstacle before installing a bath with a sink above it. This is especially true for small rooms where space is very limited.

sink over the bathroom in the interior

An accessible approach to the washbasin should be organized without additional obstacles.

Is it worth installing a washbasin over the bath in large bathrooms

It all depends on the style of design and personal preferences. For example, a minimalist style allows you to place a compact sink to free up more space. Also, this option can be used if the emphasis in the interior is placed on the bathtub, and the washbasin is only a small addition. The reverse option is also possible - installation of the original sink, the location of which only attracts additional attention to it.

washbasin with counter top

It is necessary to think over the storage system of all hygiene items, as well as household chemicals.

Which sink is suitable and what to look for

The best option would be to purchase a ready-made kit consisting of a bathroom with a sink together. They are ideally tailored to each other, so their use does not cause discomfort. In these baths, one end is narrowed and is intended for legs. The vacated space is reserved for easy access to the washbasin.

sink above the bathroom in the interior of Khrushchev

Sinks are heavy, so the wall must be solid and solid.

To maximize the use of space, you can place a hanging cabinet above the sink. And in order to avoid splashing, it is worth using a flexible curtain rod, suitable for bathtubs of any shape, and a curtain.

bathtub with sink set

This design has mostly only positive reviews.

Note! The sink should have a separate drain, which should be taken into account when planning and roughing.

Choosing a sink for a specific interior

Depending on the overall design, it is worth using different washbasins:

  • for the classic style, any sink made in bright colors is suitable;
  • Moroccan style is successfully complemented by a washbasin made of aged silver or golden metal;
  • in the Italian interior the hanging sink will look good;
  • for the Japanese style, you can use the sink type "tulip";
  • in a bathroom in the Provence style, built-in or surface sinks with wooden cabinets look good;
  • Greek style involves the use of built-in and hanging sinks.

Bathroom Sink Dimensions

Correctly selected size of the washbasin is extremely important, as the competent organization of space gives freedom of movement and significantly improves the appearance of the room. Therefore, accurate calculations are needed. The standard range of the width of the sinks is from 25 to 90 cm. For a small-sized apartment, it is worthwhile to limit yourself to 25-40 cm, but for large rooms a wash basin of 75-90 cm will be more appropriate.

corner sink above the bathroom photo

Recently, many have opted for such installations also at home.

Sink color selection

The traditional classic is the white color of the sanitary ware, and this is justified, because it will look harmoniously in many style decisions. However, recently washbasins are increasingly performed in color. This can be either a way to adapt it to the general color scheme, or the ability to make a bright accent. In this case, the colors can be almost any, as well as contain drawings and ornaments.

green washbasin

These models are convenient to use, practical and easily fit into bathrooms of different sizes and design options.

The main advantages of hanging sinks

  • ease of cleaning under the washbasin;
  • ease of construction, not only actual but also visual;
  • the functionality of the plumbing, because such a sink can be mounted at any height;
  • the ability to disguise communications behind a false wall.

The sink above the bathtub is an original and functional solution that allows you to effectively save space. However, to achieve a good appearance, careful and thoughtful planning is necessary.

sink over the bath views and ideas

This is the most ergonomic sink, since for its installation it is enough to choose any empty corner in the bathroom.

VIDEO: Compact layout of the bathroom.

50 convenient options for installing a sink over the bath:

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