Design of bathrooms after a beautiful renovation

All bathrooms, without reference to the dimensions, are similar in one - the room should be comfortable, elegant and meet all the requirements of the owners of the apartment. The only difference is that a small bathroom cannot accommodate all the amenities and amenities. Of course, today nothing is impossible, therefore, before proceeding with the repair, you will need to carefully consider the decor in the bathroom.

Wooden panels in the interior of a small bathroom

The smaller the bathroom, the more difficult it is to design its arrangement

Many property owners, before visiting construction stores, go online to watch repair and design of the bathroom and toilet photos. This allows you to determine the concept, content, decoration elements.

How to equip a stylish small bathroom

Preparing a design project for a bathroom is a process that will sooner or later affect all people. An approximate sketch can be done independently, for this computer technology or a regular piece of paper and a pencil are suitable. If the bathroom is divided into zones, it is recommended to demolish the partition and combine the bathroom and toilet. This is able to provide additional space for the implementation of ideas.

Light bulbs above the mirror in the bathroom after repair

It is quite difficult to place in a small area everything that a modern person needs for a comfortable life

It is easy to beat the current Khrushchevs and Brezhnevka with the correct distribution of plumbing, the choice of color performance and the style of repair. For a more thorough approach, you will need to deal with such factors that have a direct impact on the transformation of space:

  • general parameters of the bathroom;
  • location of communication. This will affect the placement of outlets, plumbing;
  • room shape (rectangle, square);
  • presence of reliable ventilation system.
Built-in shelves in a small bathroom

To make a small room spacious and stylish, you need to remove all unnecessary items

Today, furniture manufacturers make headsets for all types of bathrooms, including small and large areas. For this reason, each owner of residential meters is able to choose options, taking into account the individual characteristics of the dimensions. In most cases, a shower cabin, a toilet bowl, a washbasin are placed in small rooms. The correct selection of such elements will be described below.

Small bathroom design

Compact plumbing in a small bathroom

There are simple design techniques to make the bathroom interior comfortable and cozy.

TIP! To create a modern design, it is recommended to pay attention to concise sinks, for example, square, rectangular.

All design projects cannot do without determining the color scheme that will dominate the interior. Experts recommend giving preference to light or white shades, because it has long been known that they allow you to visually expand the space, make it spacious and open. Dark palettes take away natural light, make the bathroom even more compact.

Compact arrangement of equipment in the bathroom after repair

In a small bathroom, dark and bright colors are best used only as accents.

White color creates the effect of sterility, therefore it is better to choose bright elements of the decoration. They will revitalize the space, make it harmonious and stylish.

Stylists do not recommend using several tones in a small room at once. This solution minimizes the weight of the bathroom.

Such variations are ideal:

  • Light gray color. Cold palettes are able to give the room rigor and conciseness.
  • Beige. The most popular color in the decoration of the bathroom. It transforms into a bright and comfortable space.
  • The classic combination of black and white. A contrasting combination adds originality and style.
  • Bright palette. It is possible to visually enlarge the area with a white floor and panel ceiling, and use original ideas for the walls - blue, green, pistachio, yellow, orange.
Red color in the interior of the bathroom

Beautiful bathroom with white fixtures and bright red tiles

Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the photo of bathroom repair designs before starting it. Such images make it possible to implement exclusive elements even with small room sizes.

Bright bathroom after major repairs

Glossy surfaces create a play of reflections and add light to the interior of the bathroom

Choosing an interior style

The owners of small apartments mistakenly believe that in their case it is impossible to apply various actual styles in the interior design. But actually this is not true, any space can be transformed into a unique concept. The main rule is a harmonious combination of decor, furniture and decoration elements. It is not necessary to adhere to all the features of the selected topic, you can apply the nuances from various styles. Thus, the bathroom will become beautiful, complete and stylish.

White tile on bathroom wall with indoor plants in the interior

Bright bathroom in modern style

The most popular destinations are the following:

  1. Classic. It demonstrates simplicity, conciseness and comfort. A bright interior and properly selected lighting devices visually increase the space. The owners of a small apartment will have to abandon the large bathroom, mirrors with frames, chandeliers, cabinets. But with the help of a small headset, the bathroom will become an example of classic design.

    The interior of a small bathroom in a classic style

    The doors of the cabinet are decorated with golden moldings in the spirit of the classical style.

  2. East. It is characterized by natural materials, bright tones of wall decoration, floral motifs. This style can be adapted to the small size of the bathroom. For example, use warm palettes for walls, a minimalist approach to decoration. The shower cabin looks very stylish, on the doors of which are applied oriental elements (sakura branch, hieroglyphs, abstractions, flowers and landscapes).

    Beautiful tiled bathroom decor

    Mosaic tiles on the accent wall of the bathroom in oriental style

  3. Scandinavia. The concept does not imply the use of plentiful decor, because it is perfect for a small bathroom. The principles of finishing work in this direction will increase the space. Recommended white walls with slight bright accents, a lot of mirror surfaces, straight and concise lines, shapes.

    Wooden Scandinavian style bathroom furniture

    Scandinavian style bathroom is a priority of white color and wood accents

  4. Provence. It assumes the presence of a large bathtub in the very center of the room. This parameter can be replaced by smaller plumbing or other components can be used, for example, open storage systems, pastel colors in decoration and furniture, floral designs on small household elements.

    Provence Small Bathroom

    In a rustic bathroom, wood finishes will be appropriate

We choose finishing materials

The general appearance of the bathroom depends on the correct selection of finishes. Therefore, one should approach this issue with special care. This will help the advice from experts, collected below, and photo repair baths.

The choice of materials for walls

The monophonic wall covering leaves its leading position, giving way to ornamentation, bright color tile inserts, and drawings.

Small turquoise tiles on the wall of a compact bathroom

Blue or turquoise tiles visually move the walls and the room will appear more spacious

The most relevant palettes for tiles in a small bathroom are:

  • saturated tropical scales (red, yellow, orange, green);
  • marine style (various shades of blue and green);
  • chocolate and coffee (brown, beige, white colors).
Vertical laying of fine tiles on the wall in the bathroom

The best format for wall tiles is small items. The more often the seams between the tiles are located, the larger the volume of the room seems

In addition to the standard approach in the form of masonry tiles, PVC panels and wall painting are ideal.

Arrangement of flooring

For the floor, the following materials can be used:

  • ceramic tiles;
  • linoleum;
  • parquet;
  • bulk floor;
  • a rock;
  • laminate.

The proposed components are easily combined with each other, creating an incredible stylish effect.

Tile diagonally on the bathroom floor

Diagonal laying of flooring helps to visually increase the area of ​​the room

Which gender is better?

The most durable variation for the bathroom is ceramic tile, self-leveling floor, masonry made of natural or artificial stone. Such a coating is practical, beautiful and will last for many years.

Small tiles on the floor of the room with shower

Ceramic tiles - the best choice of flooring for the bathroom

What plumbing fit for a small bathroom?

A bathroom is an area that should be as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is not recommended to clutter it with excess furniture. What furniture will look better in a small room?

White toilet on the bathroom wall

Hanging plumbing saves space and makes cleaning more convenient.

Bathroom or shower - what to choose?

Very often people are faced with the question: what is better a small bathroom or a reliable shower? The correct and real approach is to focus on your own preferences. Fans of relaxing evening baths are advised to choose a small or angular design that will harmoniously fit even into five square meters.

Angular shower cubicle in a modern bathroom

Corner shower takes up much less space than a direct bath

A small shower with a deep tray is considered the optimal solution for a small room. Such plumbing will completely satisfy all the needs in bath procedures, while not taking up much space in the bathroom. Having freed up space, apartment owners can accommodate additional components.

Sink selection

The most popular and relevant options are suspended structures. They can save space, will be the perfect solution for a stylish interior decoration. This kind of plumbing can be harmoniously decorated, taking into account the design style, for example, with floral or oriental patterns.

Tempered glass sink in a small bathroom

The glass sink will “dissolve” in the air and make the space larger

What furniture is suitable for a small bathroom?

Looking through the repair in the bathroom of the photo, it can be noted that the central place in a small space is reserved for the cabinet under the washbasin. Sometimes this is the only place where all the necessary household components are stored. If additional systems do not fit, designers recommend giving preference to hanging shelves and small cabinets. They save the desired meters of space, allow you to place important elements (towels, household chemicals, personal hygiene items).

Furniture for a compact bathroom in Khrushchev

There should not be a lot of furniture, while all objects must fulfill several functions

The following tips from experts will help to harmoniously arrange the furniture set:

  • use the entire free zone above the toilet, here you can place small shelves, towel holders;
  • use alternatives to cabinets - hangers, hooks, holders;
  • give preference to light furniture;
  • pay close attention to glossy facades;
  • usually the washing machine is placed in this area, but to free up space it can be moved to the kitchen.
White washing machine under the porcelain sink

A washing machine under the sink is a great idea for a small bathroom

Lighting in a small bathroom

Lighting devices occupy a central place in the interior. Make sure of this will help repair photos in the small bathroom, which are presented on the Internet. A large bathroom can be lit with natural light from a window, but this option is not suitable for a small space. Therefore, you should rationally approach the issue of lighting selection. Artificial light devices can become an integral part of the interior or its main highlight.

Good lighting in the bathroom with white walls

Good lighting is extremely important for a compact room - the brighter the room, the more it seems

Of course, massive chandeliers will not work, but today in specialized stores you can find laconic devices that emphasize the style and harmony of design. It is recommended not to dwell on one type of lighting, as it will reduce the room. Point variations are considered the most ideal. Such bulbs allow you to maximize the illumination of the bathroom, while not taking up much space. They can be placed in several rows to create the perfect look and unique composition.

Black Rectangular Mirror

Compact flat lights will look good next to the mirror

A sophisticated approach is to focus on the mirror with the help of lighting. Also today you can buy a shower cabin, which has a built-in backlight.

Large mirror on the wall of a small bathtub

A large mirror can double the visual perception of the bathroom

Door Replacement

In most cases, the doors to the bathroom are made of tempered glass, wood, plastic or chipboard. The main thing is that they are distinguished by excellent moisture resistance, resistance to temperature changes. To save space, you can opt for sliding, folding, swingarm swing variations.

White bathroom door with purple walls

The design of the door leaf should correspond to the general interior design of the bathroom

Even a small bathroom can become cozy, functional and luxurious. The main thing is to include imagination, view projects and creative ideas posted on the Internet. Ultimately, the result will please all households for a long time of operation.

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