Design of a bathroom with a beautiful bulk floor

The bulk floor in the bathroom is easy to install: it is necessary to mix several components and cover the floor surface with the mixture. The result is a smooth and durable coating that will be a great addition to the interior of any home.

Design of a spacious bathroom with bulk floor

Self-leveling floors - one of the most fashionable innovations among building materials

Bulk floor in the bathroom: all the advantages of modern material

The basic requirement for flooring is durability and reliability. Popular materials (linoleum, laminate) tend to wear out, which cannot be said about the bulk coating. A huge plus: the lack of joints. The surface of the floor is perfectly flat, it is simple and easy to care for, the terrain allows for quick cleaning and almost no accumulation of dirt. It is important that you can not slip on the bulk floor - it is practical and safe.

Imitation of the surf on the floor in the bathroom

The flooring technology under consideration allows you to create truly unique interiors.

If there is always high humidity in the bathroom, it is recommended to use a rough cement bulk floor - it costs more, but its performance is better.

What explains the popularity of bulk floors in bathrooms

Increasingly, to equip the toilet, a bulk floor is used. This is a universal coating that is perfect for the bathroom due to the following characteristics:

  • water tightness;
  • resistance to scratches, mechanical damage, wear;
  • heat and sound insulation;
  • ease of operation, ease of care.

The bulk floor in the toilet and the bathroom provides high resistance to hot water, a change in temperature, exposure to sharp objects. A significant advantage is the absence of toxic components in the composition, the unpleasant smell of chemicals. Minus: high price. However, now there are budget materials that you can buy profitably.

Bulk floor with a realistic image of a sea turtle

Realistic pictures that embody the underwater world and its inhabitants look very organic in the interior of the bathrooms and evoke associations associated with relaxation

Yellow flowers on the epoxy floor in the bathroom

In addition to the marine theme, images of beautiful flowering plants are suitable for floor decor in the bathroom

3D print on the floor in the combined bathroom

You can also use copyright images, geometric shapes or abstractions.

Technical characteristics of the bulk coating

Technical indicators are completely dependent on the type and quality of the working composition. The better the quality score, the easier the mixture will be applied and the more uniform the layer. Pay attention to the humidity and temperature conditions in the room - if the mode is not properly maintained, solidification can occur from 24 hours to 2 weeks.

Gray bulk bathroom floor with white walls

Self-leveling floors are seamless polymer or mineral coatings that seem to “pour” onto the floor surface

Such floors are considered very warm, much warmer than tiles or ceramics. In addition, they are superior in softness to linoleum. The hardened material withstands large temperature differences - almost 90 degrees.When heated, no toxic substances and harmful components are released, no smoldering or ignition occurs.

The scheme of a bulk floor for a bathroom and other rooms

The device of the bulk floor

Coating is much more profitable than concrete screed - there is no dust at the finish. Using a film with images, you can decorate the floor, make it individual.

Pros and cons of bulk floors

Jellied liquid floor has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • good indicators of resistance to mechanical damage and wear;
  • no risk of fire;
  • easy cleaning;
  • You can “pour” the floor onto absolutely any surface - tile, tile;
  • ease of self-installation;
  • scratch resistance, the ability to polish;
  • universality - the coating is suitable for any room;
  • no reactions with chemicals;
  • the material is not toxic;
  • fungus and mold does not appear on such a coating, moisture dries quickly.
Image of flower petals on the toilet floor

The bulk floor not only has an attractive design, but surpasses many other coatings in practicality

In addition, the bathroom, designed in this way, looks very aesthetically pleasing. Consider the disadvantages:

  • the preparatory process for installing the floor is time-consuming: the surface is cleaned, smoothed, protection against moisture is laid down;
  • high installation cost;
  • if there is no experience, it is quite difficult to fill the floor with your own forces;
  • dismantling takes a lot of time and is not an easy process.
Leveling the base under the bulk floor

Preparation of the foundation is the most important and time-consuming stage of arranging the bulk floor

We make a unique bulk floor in the bathroom

3 d coating is considered truly unique. You can use many unusual patterns, ornaments, even use your own prints.

3D scheme of a bulk floor

The device of a bulk floor with 3D effect

When installing the bulk floor, you can use many techniques:

  • transparent top layer, bottom - image;
  • gloss effect, with an internal shine, the color of which can be chosen any;
  • fashionable flock coating (the second name is “acrylic chips”) - an unusual imitation of natural stone.
Stars and corals on the bathroom floor

To decorate the floor, you can choose absolutely any plot. However, when choosing a picture, you should think carefully so that the image does not bother you in a couple of years

Daisies on the surface of the bulk floor in the bathroom

Many people choose natural images - sea, mountains, plants or animals.

White plumbing in a combined bathroom of a private house

In a bathroom with a 3D floor, do not overdo it with decor, because the bulk floor itself is a bright art object

Application of the 3D method when installing flooring

3D design differs from the others in one small moment: there is an intermediate moment in its installation - a photo sticker. This method brings a touch of creativity and personality to the interior. The top layer of the bulk floor is covered with a transparent resin, which makes the strength indicators less.

Pebbles on the bathroom floor

It is important that the image on the floor is in harmony with the rest of the bathroom.

How to choose the color of bulk floors

Designers recommend giving preference to blue, light blue and purple - they do not have stains from dried water. If the finish of the entire bathroom is neutral, do not focus on too bright flooring - let the floor be in tone with the walls.

Bulk white floor in a small bathroom

Light flooring is recommended for use in small bathrooms.

Neutral flooring in a modern bathroom

The neutral floor will not attract attention and other interior items will not go unnoticed

Black bathroom floor with small window

The floor in contrasting colors will attract attention and highlight furniture and sanitary ware.

Square blue bathroom floor

The tone of the walls will make the interior more stylish.

Decorate bulk flooring

Images for the bulk floor can be different, which allows designers to take a walk around. For example, a film with a mosaic, pattern or ornament in ethnic style, geometry is often used, for the bathroom it is simply the perfect solution - the seashore or the underwater world, pebbles and shells. The transparent top layer of epoxy “enlivens” the coating, giving it aesthetics.

Sea floor on the bathroom floor

The bulk floor with the image of the seabed looks very impressive

Self-leveling floor with a dolphin in the bathroom

3D floor with a realistic image of a dolphin on the background of the sea abyss

The choice of bulk coating for the bathroom

Covering the surface of the floor with a liquid composition is a good solution for the bathroom. You can realize your most interesting ideas and ideas. Polyurethane floors are characterized by good strength and resistance to abrasion. Material such as methyl methacrylate should be used with care, observing safety rules. However, they instantly dry out and do not respond to sudden changes in temperature conditions.

Inscriptions on the floor and wall of the bathroom

The choice of bulk coating depends on the design of the base and the load to which the floor will be exposed during operation

All formulations can be divided into polymer and mineral. The first is the topcoat, which is the best option for bulk floors in the bathroom. Minerals are developed using cement mixes, fillers, and modifiers. The latter set the speed of falling asleep mixture. Such compositions are also called self-leveling.

Epoxy bulk floor with a picture of grass

In the interior of the bathroom, the most common epoxy and polyurethane floors

As the final coating, epoxy resin or polyurethane can be used: both the first and second options have good properties. The material varies in thickness: it is thin and well filled. The latter type is used for decoration of rooms with high traffic. For the bathroom, you can use thin-layer floors - they will perfectly cope with their functions, and will delight you with an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

Properties of epoxy and polyurethane bulk floors

Scopes of bulk floors

Types of bulk floors according to production materials

There are such varieties of material:

  • polymer-cement - a dry mixture with the addition of components - polymers;
  • epoxide - a resistant coating for rooms and buildings where chemical compounds and active substances are used in the work: alkalis, acids;
  • acrylic;
  • epoxy urethane;
  • polyurethane - the best option for the floor in the bathroom, is resistant to moisture and elasticity.
Laying canvas with photo printing on the concrete surface of the floor

Drawing under the polymer layer can be applied in different ways, the most effective option is a vinyl banner with photo printing

Drawing a polymer layer of a bulk floor on an acrylic drawing

Another option is to apply the picture using acrylic paints manually or through a stencil.

Today it becomes popular to make three-dimensional polyurethane floors - several layers of material are superimposed simultaneously. This is an excellent solution for installing a water-insulated floor for any room in the house.

Video on how to make bulk floors with a picture

Photo: beautiful bulk floors in bathrooms

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