Bathroom Design - PVC Wall Decoration

PVC panels for the bathroom will definitely become the best alternative to a dull tile or pretty boring paint. The choice of this type of finish can be called a rational option, which will help save owners from construction waste, additional costs. In addition, plastic panels for the bathroom will significantly reduce the time of repair work. Despite the affordable cost, this material does not look too cheap and simple. Plastic panels for the bathroom make a positive impression and are perfect for any style - from minimalism to classic interior design.

Corner bathroom cabin with plastic panels

PVC panels are a unique material used for interior decoration of rooms with high humidity

Bathroom Design with PVC Wall Panels

Plastic panels for the bathroom are polymer finishing materials, since polyvinyl chloride is used in the manufacturing process. A pattern is applied to the outer surface of the material through the use of various types of printing. After that, a layer of varnish is matte or glossy. This greatly increases the attractiveness of this material and makes the range more diverse.

Dark blue panels in the interior of the bathroom

The choice of the appearance of the panels should be determined by the stylistic features of the interior of the bathroom

If you follow the rules of the repair work, decorating with PVC panels for the bathroom will not be difficult. This material is so versatile, and modern manufacturers offer such a huge variety of textures and colors that it will be very simple to choose and create any beautiful design.

Lilac flowers on plastic panels in the bathroom

For a small bathroom, it is better to choose light pastel shades, it is possible with a glossy surface

Since this room is often hidden from prying eyes, the color scheme, pattern and relief can be chosen solely at your discretion. For example, bright and dark colors, which will look bad in other rooms, can perfectly suit the bathroom.

Black PVC panels in the bathroom with white fixtures

Rich and vibrant colors can be used in fairly spacious rooms.

You can make most of the walls in neutral colors and highlight one, making a bright accent on it. You can use various options for textures.

And if the owner of the house wants to change the design of the bathroom or just change the atmosphere, then it will be very easy to do. It will be enough just to replace some panels. Modern style involves the use of pure and neutral colors. But the traditional palette includes all neutral shades to the tones of precious stones.

Why you should choose PVC panels for the bathroom

The bathroom can be safely called one of the most problematic places in the apartment. This room has a constantly increased humidity level and a changing temperature level. For this reason, the type of coverage for this room is best chosen with all responsibility. Ceramic tiles have long been considered the best option for decorating the bathroom. But the combination of excellent strength and reliability, with high cost and laboriousness of repair work made this material not the best choice from the point of view of rationality.Especially when it comes to a limited budget. For this reason, PVC panels for the bathroom are often the best choice.

Decorating the walls of the bathroom in a private house with PVC panels

More affordable, plastic panels act as a worthy alternative to expensive ceramic tiles

This material has several advantages:

  • security;
  • resistance to moisture and temperature extremes;
  • ease of installation;
  • reasonable cost;
  • a wide variety of colors and textures.
Wall-mounted washbasin with plastic trim

Even an inexperienced owner of a city apartment or a country house can cope with the installation of PVC panels

Not all PVC panels are of excellent quality. And therefore, when choosing a material, it is better to pay attention to the number of stiffeners. It is the stiffening ribs that guarantee the safety and durability, as well as the safety of the material during use and during mechanical stress.

The disadvantages and advantages of plastic panels

Plastic panels are an affordable and modern material, with which you can qualitatively and stylishly equip a bathroom. The material has the following advantages:

  • as a facing material, plastic melts only at a temperature of 400 degrees;
  • environmentally friendly and safe;
  • can last a long period without visible damage;
  • the structure of the plastic will not suffer even with prolonged exposure to moisture;
  • easy to care and cleaning;
  • there are no conditions for the propagation of fungi and bacteria;
  • no need to use special tools for trimming;
  • the market offers a wide range of colors and textures;
  • simplicity and speed of repair work when necessary;
  • affordable cost.

However, this type of finish also has a number of disadvantages:

  • necessary to carry out the installation correctly, if the work was performed with errors, during operation the material may diverge;
  • even with a slight mechanical impact, traces may remain on the surface;
  • toxic gas emission during fire;
  • can play tiles by external characteristics;
  • when using such panels, it is necessary to provide good ventilation to avoid the appearance of fungus and mold.

What styles are plastic finishes suitable for?

The classic design of the room is a marine style. This solution perfectly reflects the purpose of the entire room. And the color palette can be made in blue and white.

PVC panels with realistic photo printing

Panels with marine-themed photo prints work great

Classic style bathroom trim with plastic panels

Warm colors without large patterns are suitable for the classic style.

This type of finish is perfect for art deco or provence styles. Such styles suggest the presence of stucco or waterproof wallpaper in the interior. The panels will perfectly replace them, they will go well with tile or stone.

Art Nouveau bathroom interior

Black panels and white plumbing will be appropriate in an Art Deco or Art Nouveau style bathroom.

Horizontal paneling of bathroom walls with PVC panels

Plain panels or with an unobtrusive marbled pattern - perfect for minimalism

Finishing with plastic panels is best suited for modern or minimalist styles. Modern manufacturing companies offer a huge assortment of products of various designs. They can imitate stone, wood or ornament. Plastic plastic can be an excellent solution not only for the bathroom, but also for the shower room and toilet. Therefore, do not be afraid that such panels will not be able to help with the implementation of a wide variety of design options. They can be safely used for a variety of creative design ideas.

Light green PVC panels on the ceiling of a modern bathroom

The undeniable advantage of plastic panels is that they can be combined with other finishing materials.

A wide variety of colors and textures

Panels can have such decorative coatings:

  1. Solid colors. Plastic gets shades thanks to the mineral pigment, which is added to the polymer raw material during the production process. For this reason, the coloring of the material does not fade even under the influence of sunlight.
  2. With drawing.The surface of the plastic may be coated with a specific ornament or image.
  3. Textured. The material imitates natural marble, granite and other minerals. In the manufacturing process, a special imitation film is applied to the material, protected by a polymer layer.
  4. Under the tile. The most popular variety. It can create imitation tiles with frieze. This solution makes it possible to quickly surface and without using ceramic tiles.

The room looks stylish and modern, which is decorated with panels with different patterns, which are combined in a certain sequence. For example, a panel with drawings is made around a mirror or shower. And the rest is done in one color.

Light panels with a pattern in the bathroom of a panel house

Quality “tiled” panels look practically the same as real tiles

You can use the solution when panels of different types alternate in stripes. This creates a rather interesting game of surfaces. This solution is perfect for small rooms with low ceilings. The walls of the room visually stretch upward, and it seems that the proportions of the room are more harmonious.

The alternation of blue and white plastic panels in the interior of the bathroom

Vertical stripes visually raise the bathroom ceiling

Panels can be perfectly combined with other materials for decoration. For example, the lower part of the walls and the plastered upper part decorated with vinyl panels look great.

Wooden bathroom floor with window

Such a combined finish is perfect for a bathroom in a country house

You can pay attention to vinyl models or models with 3D drawings. Volumetric options visually expand the space. But it is better to use them in spacious rooms. Since the volume of 3D and the effect of it is best perceived from a great distance.

How to choose plastic panels in the bathroom

First of all, pay attention to the cost of the material. Durable and high-quality products can not be too cheap. Materials should be even. They should not have waves and bends. Edges must be intact and intact. Otherwise, it is impossible to create a perfect joint and water can leak into the panel.

Bathroom wall cladding with beige PVC panels

For the decoration of the bathroom most often use rack or panel plastic

Products that have good strength characteristics have a thickness of 1 cm or more. In addition, they have a maximum number of stiffeners. In order to finish the bathroom pleasantly pleased, it is important to evaluate the design of the material as well. All profiles must be from the same batch. Otherwise, some of the items may vary in color or texture.

Quality plastic panel slice

The number of stiffeners inside the panel directly affects the strength of the material and the safety in case of mechanical stress

For the design of small rooms, it is best to opt for light panels without structure and relief. In this case, matte varieties may be preferable to glossy. The thickness of the material should not exceed 8 mm. Too thin panels, subject to lighting with spotlights, can transmit light rays. In this case, the illuminated console of the ceiling can become almost transparent.


Plastic panels have a rectangular shape and a height of 2.7-3 meters. The outer side can imitate a variety of surfaces - fabric, wood, plaster. Photo printing can be applied to the surface of panels. The reverse side of the product has a relief surface and due to this it is well attached to the wall.

Brown wood panel in the interior of the bathroom

The surface of the plastic panels can be matte or glossy, with a pattern or photo printing, with imitation of expensive finishing materials

Finishing can be done in three ways:

  1. Mounting to the crate. The panels are fixed to the frame made of wood or metal using a stapler or conventional nails. A great option in order to hide the irregularities of the walls and water pipes, which can be sewn into a separate box.At the same time, the design of the room, in which communications are not visible, wins significantly.

    DIY installation of PVC panels on a wooden crate

    An alternative to nails - small screws with a wide hat

  2. Mounting by means of mounting clamps. The panels are fastened to the crate with special locks. This method makes it possible to significantly speed up the installation. It is also quite simple to disassemble the structure if necessary. The use of such a frame is justified if the room is large. And a few extra centimeters that are hidden by trims will be completely justified.

    Securing a plastic lining with a climer

    Assuming the possibility of dismantling the panels, it is better to install the clymers on the screws

  3. Glue method. Using liquid nails, the panels are mounted directly to the wall. On the lower and upper edge there is an additional fixation with dowels. For fixing, you can also use other types of adhesive solutions. But be sure to look in the instructions how suitable they are. This method can be called energy-consuming and justified when it comes to designing a small room with your own hands.

    Installation of PVC panels on a plywood base

    The panels can only be glued on even walls with a solid surface.

Panel Views

The panels are produced in a fairly large assortment of foreign and domestic manufacturers. Products can be different in color, structure, texture, type of material.

The shape of the panels can be of the following types:

  1. Lining. It is a rectangular board 3x10 cm. Most often, this variety is equipped with a European castle connection with a wide clearance. Thus, all the seams between the lamellas are clearly visible, but they are leakproof. The traditional colors are color or white.
  2. Plates. Large sheets, the sides of which are equal to 0.8 - 4 cm. Sheet material is used in large rooms, for walls and ceilings.
  3. Panels. The most popular type of material that is used to decorate bathrooms and bathrooms. The length of the lamellas is usually 2.6 - 3 m. In width there are 15, 25, 50 cm. The main advantage of this particular type can be called completely invisible joints. But this advantage only works if the installation technology is strictly adhered to.

By appointment:

  1. Wall. They have an increased thickness, as well as the ability to withstand even very large mechanical loads.

    PVC tiled panels in the bathroom

    Wall panels are equipped with groove / comb locks that allow quick installation and a one-piece moisture-proof coating

  2. Ceiling. They have a thinner, lighter surface, which will make it possible to quickly attach to the crate.

    Slatted panels on the ceiling of the bathroom in a city apartment

    To decorate the ceiling of the bathroom often use rack panels with a width of 10-12.5 cm, otherwise called plastic lining

Video: subtleties of finishing the bathroom with plastic panels

Photo: PVC panels in the bathroom interior

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